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From: "Dennis Ryan" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Dick Power
Date: Thu, 02 Aug 2001 16:26:29 -0400

Hi, Brian, Our Mutual friend e-RICHIE mentions Corky Gulbranson in this article ( -- perhaps he knows more? (about Corky -- we know he knows a bit 'bout bikes)

Later! Dennis Ryan Louisville, KY Too Hot

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Any chance of finding a phone number for Guilbransen or a verified correct spelling? I live in San Diego and am a framebuilder currently, it would be great to hook up with a gentleman such as that. I'll bet I could extract some history from someone like him. Got all the tools I need, but it would be cool to see what American old timers used before I was even born. Let me know if anyone can help.

Brian Baylis Framebuilderus(?)Americanus, La Mesa, CA
   > I have owned several Dick Powers and raced on one for several years. I'm
   > pretty sure that he was building frames into the sixties. The guy that
   > would be a great source of information is Harold Guilbransen (Sr.). I'm
   > not sure I spelled his last name correctly. He lives in San Diego now.
   > Harold was a frame builder here on Long Island during the 60's and 70's
   > under his nick-name "Corky". I know that he was friendly with Dick and
   > and that they traveled to Europe together to visit frame builders there.
   > Corky pretty much picked up where Dick left off. His son, Harold Jr.,
   > was a national caliber track rider and Corky was active in coaching our
   > club: the German Bicycle Sport Club. When Corky moved to California in
   > 1995 he offer to sell me his tools and residual lugs and tube sets. I
   > passed and I regret it now. Jamie Swan