[CR]Colnago frame swap?

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From: "Mark Poore" <rauler47@hotmail.com>
To: Classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
Date: Fri, 03 Aug 2001 12:38:01 -0400
Subject: [CR]Colnago frame swap?

Just received a 1982 Colnago from Italy that I won on ebay. It is a 56 cm and I thought that was center-top measurement, but it is center-center. Being a stickler for size this bike could be too large for me. If you have an Italian frame that is a 56 cm c-t and nothing less than a 39 inch wheelbase of equal value and condition that is just a tad too small for you email me off list and we will see about a possible swap.

Mark, 100 miles, 9 mountains and 10,000 of climbing tomorrow, Poore