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Date: Fri, 03 Aug 2001 14:36:42 -0700
From: "Joseph Bender-Zanoni" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Phil's Internet Garage Sale
In-Reply-To: <>

I'll take Cyclone long cage please.


At 02:17 PM 8/3/01 EDT, wrote:
>OK, folks, here it goes. Shipping is, of course, extra.
>Suntour Sprint, 175mm, VG. $40 I'll take Cyclone long cage>Sugino GLP, 170, 144 bcd (old Campy Record). fair cond. $20
>Mavic 631 (starfish) 172.5, VG. $50
>Shimano D-A 7402 flat profile, 175, exc. $75
>Phil Wood 1st gen. 3 piece. Pair, 36 hole. Centers pitted, flanges show wear
>but OK 120mm, bearings perfect $30
>Campy Record low flange. Front 36 hole, with flat QR. $35
>Shimano D-A low flange. Front 36 hole with QR $30
>Shimano D-A BB-7400 Italian 70x113 NIB $35
>Shimano D-A BB-7700 ISO, splined $40
>Stronglight A9, FRENCH, NIB $30
>Shimano D-A, JIS $25
>Simano RSX for triple $10
>Shimano 105 braze-on $10
>Sachs for triple, braze-on, new $20
>Suntour Cyclone long cage $10
>Shimano Deore DX, med. cage, $15
>Suntour Cyclone DT, NIB w/cables and housing $20
>Suntour DT silver, model ?, $10
>Suntour DT dark grey, model ?, $10
>Campy DT engraved for Casati. $20
>Dia-Compe, aero, lt. grey hoods, pair NIP $15
>Modulo Speedy, gum hood, 1 right only $10
>Shimano Deore LX canti, black, no straddle $10
>Dia-Compe 987 cantis, black, NIB $20
>Coda, Flite-ish shape, mounted but not ridden $20
>Coda Comfort, lots of padding, ridden a little, $15
>Ritchey, Turbo clone, rails bent but still good $10
>Fiamme Ergal 32 spoke, Hi-E front, Campy Record LF 126 rear. Spokes ?. Mavic
>front QR, no rear QR. Hi-E bearings rough but turn. Rim labels good. $150
>Mavic G-40 36 spoke. Campy LF front and rear, 126. Spokes ?. Sidewalls
>scoured. Front label poor, rear good.. $125
>NIsi HP-22 clincher rims, Miche LF hubs, 126, No QRs. Black spokes. $100
>Fiamme red label front, Campy HF 36 spoke, Rect. label poor. $75
>Peugeot PX-10, 57x58, Dark green repaint in poor condition, no decals, w/HS
>and BB $50
>Phil Brown
>In the just clearing San Fernando Valley