Re: [CR]This afternoon's new Italian acquisition for my girlfriend

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Subject: Re: [CR]This afternoon's new Italian acquisition for my girlfriend
Date: Sat, 4 Aug 2001 23:13:26 -0500


There's a Fuji Del Rey that's been up on eBay for a few days that may be just a little too big, I suspect, but I thought I'd let you know about it in case you wanted an inexpensive touring frame to go with the Giordana Capella for Marta. Here's the url for the listing:<blah> owTutorial=0&ed=997223169&indexURL=0&rd=1

The woman selling it wrote me with this information after I asked about the frame size and such:

"The frame is 21". Wheels are 27". Serial #F1212904. The cranks do say Sugino. the round thing behind the left crank says 1.37". Front and back derailleurs are suntour. Rear one also says 4532. The wreath says:Fuji, VALite, Quad-butted, Steel tubing, 1769. Shifters are suntour. Brakes say AC500 Dia Compe Deluxe. Handlebars are foam-covered, but thing in the middle says Nitto. I wasn't sure which piece is the stem, sorry. Overall condition is good. If I were buying this bike I would replace the foam grips and the rubber pieces that are over the brakes that you rest your hands on, maybe touch up the paint in a few spots, clean, degrease, and regrease, and maybe get a gel seat or a new sheepskin. It's got the ladies avocet seat, but my butt ALWAYS hurt! Even with the sheepskin! By the way, I have the book, the waranty card and original receipts. . . ."

I just bought a 23" Del Rey myself and have started taking it apart; pulled the crank today. I've never done this stuff before, but I'm having fun already. Bearings soon--I'll order them from Harris Cyclery, I think. Pretty much all the bearings need replacement except for the headset, which is shiny and buttery feeling . . . the original must've been in really bad shape, judging from the hubs and bb.

Hope Marta enjoys her new ride!

Nath Dresser