[CR]Bike store idiots my story

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From: <Wornoutguy@aol.com>
Date: Sun, 5 Aug 2001 13:35:23 EDT
To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
Subject: [CR]Bike store idiots my story

Not too many years ago I thought it would be fun to pick up a part time job at a local bike shop. I love to talk and would ask people what they were looking for, ask them questions talk to them about price verses performance and find something in our inventory that fit them or even (God forbid) send them elsewhere. If my boss had know he would have fired me but being an adult with a real job elsewhere I did not care. I worked with a woman salesman who had this as her primary source of income. Any woman who came into the store who wanted a bike needed a mountain bike a Carbon fiber frame due to the weight reduction all woman need this frame. A specific brand suspension fork plus you need to change out the guts to her favorite configuration that cost $120 extra. You can't ride on anything less than XT quality level Shimano Components, a specific pedal and shoes etc. She had them looking at $1500 to $2000 bikes. I sold about 3 bikes a weekend and had many people say I went elsewhere and came back due to your honesty. I never saw her sell a bike. The owner of the store called me in to tell me I talk to much and should spend more time selling. Thank God that job only lasted a few months and I decided not to ever open my own bike shop.

Sam DiBartolomeo