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Welcome Todd, My early 70's Speciali Corsa has Columbus tubing. Seat tube as follows top to bottom: Columbus Decal Stripes Blue top/Green bottom Speciali Corsa Decal Cinelli Crest Stripes Green top/Blue bottom This frame is original paint & decals.Hope this helps. Nick Zatezalo

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I'm new to this list, I've been aware of and visiting the site few a few years and have watched it change and grow. I didn't think of joining the listserv until a friend, Seth Finkelstein, suggested it. So here I am.

Interests: So far its been mostly post WWII lightweights, both the racer bikes and then the randonneur/camper touring bikes coming out of France and Japan. I have an urge to pedal an original Penny Farthing, though. I aslo think a pre-WWII New Departure coaster brake are cool.

Pieces in collection: a 1940 or so Paramount Racer, 1961 Rapael Geminiani, early 60's Rochet, a few bike boom era bikes (Paramount, RRB Cycles, Eisentraut, Masi, Jeunet, Raleigh Super Tourist) a couple 80's era (Paramount, Viner) and some modern stuff (Rivendell, Serrota Ti Paramount, Pantani Replica Bianchi).

I used to race in the 70's with some success as a Junior (where VO2 limitations are not such a big deal). Now I do endurance stuff cause the people and the routes are interesting. There are fewer people in these events. You can see familiar faces more often and get to know them. I've done Paris Brest Paris once. It was a blast.

I'm a member or Veteran Cycle Club in England. I used to subscribe to the Japanese "New Cycling" magazine but my source dropped it and I haven't had the time or energy to locate another source.

Now my question

I acquired a bastardized '68 or so Cinelli and am trying to get have it made more correct. The original finish is long gone and braze ons added. These braze ons have been removed, the chrome redone. Its being painted right now. The decals have been selected. My question has to do with the order of the decals on the seat tube. The Cinelli has a "Model S.C." decal but I can't recall if this decal should be positioned above the crest but below the top Rainbow band or above the top rainbow band and below the Columbus decal. Or maybe a different location? Does the postion even matter? It be great if it didn't but I'd guess it did. Any help is appreciated.

I read in a 70's era buyers guide that the difference between a Cinelli "Special Corsa" and a "Super Corsa" is that the Special Corsa was made of Reynolds Tubing and the Super Corsa was Columbus. Can anyone confirm this or were there other differences?

Todd Teachout
Hercules, CA