Re: [CR]Intro and Cinelli Question

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From: Sterling Peters <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Intro and Cinelli Question
Date: Sun, 05 Aug 2001 13:26:26 -0700

What I have noticed about the Special and Super designatiions, is that quite a few builders in the 60's anyway and maybe 50's too called their top model a Special...something and in the late 60's early 70's this changed to Super. Sterling

>From: Todd Teachout <>
>Subject: [CR]Intro and Cinelli Question
>Date: Sun, 05 Aug 2001 07:51:38 -0700
>I'm new to this list, I've been aware of and visiting the site few a
>few years and have watched it change and grow. I didn't think of
>joining the listserv until a friend, Seth Finkelstein, suggested it. So
>here I am.
>Interests: So far its been mostly post WWII lightweights, both the
>racer bikes and then the randonneur/camper touring bikes coming out of
>France and Japan. I have an urge to pedal an original Penny Farthing,
>though. I aslo think a pre-WWII New Departure coaster brake are cool.
>Pieces in collection: a 1940 or so Paramount Racer, 1961 Rapael
>Geminiani, early 60's Rochet, a few bike boom era bikes (Paramount, RRB
>Cycles, Eisentraut, Masi, Jeunet, Raleigh Super Tourist) a couple 80's
>era (Paramount, Viner) and some modern stuff (Rivendell, Serrota Ti
>Paramount, Pantani Replica Bianchi).
>I used to race in the 70's with some success as a Junior (where VO2
>limitations are not such a big deal). Now I do endurance stuff cause
>the people and the routes are interesting. There are fewer people in
>these events. You can see familiar faces more often and get to know
>them. I've done Paris Brest Paris once. It was a blast.
>I'm a member or Veteran Cycle Club in England. I used to subscribe to
>the Japanese "New Cycling" magazine but my source dropped it and I
>haven't had the time or energy to locate another source.
>Now my question
>I acquired a bastardized '68 or so Cinelli and am trying to get have it
>made more correct. The original finish is long gone and braze ons
>added. These braze ons have been removed, the chrome redone. Its being
>painted right now. The decals have been selected. My question has to do
>with the order of the decals on the seat tube. The Cinelli has a "Model
>S.C." decal but I can't recall if this decal should be positioned above
>the crest but below the top Rainbow band or above the top rainbow band
>and below the Columbus decal. Or maybe a different location? Does the
>postion even matter? It be great if it didn't but I'd guess it did.
>Any help is appreciated.
>I read in a 70's era buyers guide that the difference between a Cinelli
>"Special Corsa" and a "Super Corsa" is that the Special Corsa was made
>of Reynolds Tubing and the Super Corsa was Columbus. Can anyone confirm
>this or were there other differences?
>Todd Teachout
>Hercules, CA