Re: [CR]orbit and mystery frame

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From: "Russ Fitzgerald" <>
To: <>
Subject: Re: [CR]orbit and mystery frame
Date: Sun, 5 Aug 2001 21:52:42 -0400

Sarah Gibson writes -
>previously i have seen mention of the orbit marque on this list. a friend
>came up with one and was looking for info about the company. info any of you
>could provide would be appreciated.

I don't know if either of them are CR members or not, but my memory is that Patrick Moore from the iBOB list had an Orbit tandem frame fail spectacularly on him ... fork crown, I believe. This would have been three or four years back. While it is admittedly a small sample, I would exercise caution long enough to give it an extra-careful inspection before riding it ...

Classic rendezvous specific note - Patrick's brother Peter sells neat stuff online, and is listed among Dale's sources of bits and parts ... Esoteric and Eclectic bike parts ... and he also does the twowheelfetish ezine ...

Russ Fitzgerald
Greenwood SC