Re: [CR]TA Bottom Bracket questions

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Date: Mon, 06 Aug 2001 21:10:21 -0400
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From: "Jeff Slotkin" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]TA Bottom Bracket questions
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At 04:54 PM 8/6/2001 -0500, ??? ??S wrote:
>Another bulletin from the "Riders of French $%#@" CR Team. We are
>momentarily expecting Dale's capitulation to our nonnegotiable demand that
>all CR members be forced to acquire at least one vintage French bike.
>I've just acquired a TA Cyclotouriste triple crankarm set, 26x42x47. I
>need some expert advice on the proper bottom bracket. The arms are
>destined for my '75 PX 10. (getting old is hell, now almost all my bikes
>are triples.)
>1. What is the proper spindle length? 119 mm? 121 mm? Something else?

I think mine is 126, but that is from memory. I measured it perhaps three months ago. It is the correct, T/A one though.

>2. Are there any possible substitutions from another brand that would
>work? Would a Stronglight spindle work with these arms, or a Nervar or a
>Shimano? Would (ha, ha!) a Campy triple spindle work? (I ask because I
>have a set of french Campy BB cups that would fit the frame, leaving me
>just the spindle to acquire.)

I can tell you that a Shimano cartridge is a different taper angle. This I checked, and while I know some people torque 'em on there and ride anyway, it seems like an especially bad idea to me.

>3. The simplest solution is to get a Phil Wood bottom bracket. (Yes,
>that would be the easy way, but it wouldn't be the French $%#@ Team
>way.) If I am forced to that extremity, would the Phil spindle be the
>same length as the answer to #1?
>4. Anyone with such a bottom bracket to sell/trade? User quality fine,
>not a concours restoration. If so, please contact me off list.
>Thanks again, group.
>Tom Adams, Kansas City.