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Date: Tue, 7 Aug 2001 19:39:51 -0400
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At 4:54 PM -0500 8/6/01, ??? ??S wrote:
>Another bulletin from the "Riders of French $%#@" CR Team. We are
>momentarily expecting Dale's capitulation to our nonnegotiable
>demand that all CR members be forced to acquire at least one vintage
>French bike.
>I've just acquired a TA Cyclotouriste triple crankarm set, 26x42x47.
>I need some expert advice on the proper bottom bracket. The arms
>are destined for my '75 PX 10. (getting old is hell, now almost all
>my bikes are triples.)
>1. What is the proper spindle length? 119 mm? 121 mm? Something else?

S'posed to be 120. See:
>2. Are there any possible substitutions from another brand that
>would work? Would a Stronglight spindle work with these arms, or a
>Nervar or a Shimano? Would (ha, ha!) a Campy triple spindle work?
>(I ask because I have a set of french Campy BB cups that would fit
>the frame, leaving me just the spindle to acquire.)

On my "new" Hetchins, I put on an old TA crankset, with 50-28 rings, using a Shimano UN-71 bb, 115 length. This seems perfect for this double, but the intent is to have the 50 tooth ring centered with regard to the 9-speed cassette (12-28) and to use the 28 chainring only as a "bail-out" granny.
>3. The simplest solution is to get a Phil Wood bottom bracket.

No, the simplest solution is to get a TA bottom bracket. See above.

Ta ta,

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