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Date: Wed, 8 Aug 2001 06:41:45 -0400
Subject: Re: [CR]Return to the List and a question
From: "Steven m Johnson" <>

Dennis Johnson writes:
> I picked up a Peugeot and wonder if anyone can make an
> educated guess as to vintage and model.. It's an '80's
> machine I'm fairly sure.. but I've lacked for some
> years a truely French bike and the price was right..
> . . .
> Rims: Wolber Gentleman 81 Superlight clincher
> Quick releases: Maillard Speidel
> Fr. Hub: Normandy Red Label Champion
> R. Hub: Maillard Helicomatic (EEK!) 126mm

Helicomatics have the year of manufacture stamped on the hub barrel. If the wheelset is original, it is from 1983-5.
> Any help will be appreciated.. Don't know if I'm going
> to go to the trouble to try and find a Helicomatic
> tool to remove, clean etc the freewheel.. may just cut
> it out and use it as a paperweight like my Cinelli
> "Death Pedals".. Then replace it with a similar
> vintage Maillard hub I have in the Parts bin..

You don't really have to have the tool. I've put a rag around the lockring, and carefully used a pair of channel locks. The lockring generally does not have a whole lot of torque on it.

Steven M. Johnson, Chesapeake, VA

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