[CR]Scammed on CR. Let the Buyer Beware.

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From: <handsfie@aol.com>
Date: Wed, 8 Aug 2001 19:37:03 EDT
To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
Subject: [CR]Scammed on CR. Let the Buyer Beware.

On 6/30/01 the following was posted on the CR list by Bikerdaver:CINELLI SC Frameset for Sale WAS:Velo Rendezvo. I responded to Bikerdaver and received thef ollowing message: My name is Dave Anderson. I'm doing posting for a friend. Her contact information is as follows: Karolyn Smith, 610 562 6265, calychick@hotmail.com; 800 752 2735, jimmyers@pacbell.net. I contacted Karolyn Smith,and agreed to purchase the frame for $450 plus $20 shipping. On July 2, I mailled a money order for $470 to Karolyn Smith at 7835 Rancho Franita # H, Santee, CA. 92071. Roughly 2 weeks later, after leaving messages on her home and work phones, I finally spoke to her at work(the 800 No.) She said she had received the Money Order, but had been ill and would ship the bike shortly. On July 28, I reached her again and she said the frame had been shipped 7/27. This past saturday I called at her work, she told me she would call me with the UPS tracking #. She never did, Attempts to reach her are now met with hangups. I have also emailed Bikerdaver several times in the past week(8/3 & 8?4) and have gotten no response. Today I spoke with an FBI agent who asked me if I was aware of any other list members who have gotten burned. Any assistance in gettiung this resolved is appreciated. R. G. Handsfield (Las Vegas)