[CR]Masi Prestige questions...

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From: <M4Campy@aol.com>
Date: Fri, 10 Aug 2001 00:26:02 EDT
To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
Subject: [CR]Masi Prestige questions...

Hi all-

I just recently aquired a Masi Prestige reported to be 1975 with Campy Super Record cranks <5> and 77 rear der, no lip on the front der and with two different calipers, one with the flat qr and one with the bulb, etc... Levers are not SR and have the shield and diagonal lines and are internally routed but look like they can be router over the top too. C Record??? White hoods. Oh, of course the Masi is red!!! Decals all intact - great! Here is a link to pics taken by the seller...


For the most part the frame is in excellent structual condition and paint shows normal signs of wear with various nicks but it does have a nasty rust spot near the first cable guide.

My questions are:

The bottom bracket and the steerer tube has the marking RP 54. Any ideas on this??? I thought M for Italian Masi and sometimes a V for Verona was there as well.

To refinish or not... When should one consider refinishing a frame? Loaded question I know. Honestly, although the paint has withstood the test of time except for that rust bubble but it isn't top notch.

Finally, the flutes on the SR seatpost are color filled, the chainring 'windows' and the shift levers were cutout and color filled as well. Since this was before my time how was this done? Is this just paint added by the owner? Was it common practice? I have a pair of BCD 151 Pistas on my Holdsworth with the flutes on the spider filled too. What is the best way to remove the paint?

Oh, one more. The headtube decal has HI-FI marked on it... What does that mean???

Thanks in advance 2 all who respond;)

Mike "Trying to make time to ride, dang job" Wilkinson