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Date: Fri, 10 Aug 2001 10:01:54 EDT
Subject: Re: [CR]Rip off

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<< Why not allow members to this place to post warnings and comments when one of the list members is ripped off. >>

In the capacity of list manager, I have been communicating with Rodney about this situation and I also think we members of the CR list need to know about problems with sellers (and buyers too.)

In this case, I have advised Rodney to please provide a complete report not just snippets so we can judge for ourselves is transpiring. The Internet is something most of us buy and sell things through so I think warnings about deals gone bad among our ranks are very pertinent to our hobby.

It does bring up a few ideas worth thinking about:

- maybe it is not such a good idea to pass along info stuff for sale by folks we can't vouch for. In fact, I am adding a new rule for the CR list,

No second party postings... All For Sale ads require seller's full name, address, and telephone numbers (home & work)

- Maybe it is good to have a local reliable bike shop confirm the existence & condition of a bike for sale. My favorite Hetchins was bought after I requested the owner take it to a shop for packing & visual affirmation. I offered to pay for the packing by them and it cost me $20.00 extra to be assured, which was a good value in my opinion.

- Aforementioned shipper-bike shop also may allow a credit card to be used if you offer to cover their 2-3% cost of handling the funds. I also did that recently and it worked great.

- This current brouhaha is not resolved but often it is good not to get too antsy in assuming the worst and hurling accusations and expletives.. A recent case of a missing-in-shipment-only- to-arrive-late Mercier comes to mind.

- Despite all the controversy, I still recommend only using trackable shipping modes with reliable (albeit a pain in the __) insurance procedures. This is UPS and FedEx Ground. The Postal Service doesn't cut it.

- Packing is the key to avoid damage. This is a high art which is not practiced properly by 95% of the home shippers I have dealt with, despite their honorable intent.

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