[CR]Bianchi ID Help........

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From: <DTSHIFTER@aol.com>
Date: Sun, 12 Aug 2001 18:18:07 EDT
To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
Subject: [CR]Bianchi ID Help........

Greetings Cr'ers,

I bought a Bianchi frame and fork this weekend from a LBS who took it in on a Cannondale frame trade ("New Lamps For Old.....").

I'm trying to identify it and need some assistance from the Bianchi experts among us, although from my experience, it looks like a pretty nice frame. Here are the identifying characteristics:

1. Chainstays are 3/4 chrome with Campagnolo dropouts; 126 spacing.

2. The seat stays are engraved with Bianchi (script) at the ends (the seat lug end).

3. The bottom bracket has under cable routing (channels cast into the shell); Bianchi is cast into the bottom of the shell (block lettered); the bottom bracket has what I would describe as "webbing" (sort of like Waterfords have) with a hole for the derailleur cable to pass through; "B" is cast on each side of the chain stay lugs.

4. The lower head tube lug has a "B" cast into the top portion.

5. External brake cable routing.

6. Chain hanger; pump peg on the head tube.

7. No frame tubing decals, but the fork (chrome) has Columbus decals with the Columbus logo on each fork crown, which are semi-sloping.

8. It's Celeste (what else!) and the serial number (or at least the only number on the bottom bracket which is not the size) is 076.

Any thoughts???


Chuck Brooks
Malta, NY