[CR]Lloyd Drum lives!

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Date: Mon, 13 Aug 2001 04:21:27 +0000
Subject: [CR]Lloyd Drum lives!

If we have any old Los Angeles natives in the audience,They may remember Westwood Cyclery across Wilshire from the U. on WW Bl.First run by Ed Lynch and then Charlie Harding.Around 1958,Lloyd Drum was a teenage mechanic there,and created the so called 90 speed Frejus which occupied the front window for a while.It still exists with Charlie Harding.a Sturmey 4 speed with a cobbled together 6 speed cluster on a threaded driver,shifted by an early Huret Allvit.In front is an assemblage of four chainrings covered by a butchered Simplex Competition D15.
    Lloyd Drum lives(I know not where) in an inherited house with some outbuildings chock-a-block with saved bicycle hardware and other good stuff.His social skills apparently suffered from some trauma,so he's kinda hard to get together with,which is why his location is closely guarded.There are some other bad setups around the South Bay where damaged old bikeys are hidden away with the stash...
    Good Luck,Seth Finkelstein,Sata Cruz,CA