RE: [CR]Classic Colnago's-130mm rear?

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Date: Mon, 13 Aug 2001 07:46:37 -0700 (PDT)
From: "Tom Dalton" <>
Subject: RE: [CR]Classic Colnago's-130mm rear?
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I've never seen an early- or mid-80's frame with factory 130mm spacing, but it is not all that surprising that they exist. My understanding is that "normal-spaced" 7-speed freewheels were used by some pro teams at that time. This is only word of mouth info from a knowledgable source at Yellow Jersey in Madison, WI. I can rememeber being surprised by this at the time, but also knowing that the source was a reliable one. To give further credibility to the idea of "normal spaced" 7 speeds, note that the early 7-speed Campy freewheels required 130mm spacing. Also, I have a Maillard 700 freewheel with a 1986 date stamp that definately doesn't fit in the stock 36.5mm hub-thread-shoulder-to-locknut spacing of a Record hub. I think most people assume that all 7-speed freewheels are like Suntour New Winners, Regina CX's, and Shimano DA's. Apparently this is not the case with the early Campys and the 700's.

--- Rich Rose wrote:

> My mid '80's DeRosa has 130mm spacing, and it came
> with SR & 7 speed.
> Richard Rose (Toledo, Ohio)
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> Dear CR List, Following the Colnago Mexico thread 2
> list members have
> said their respective early 1980's Colnago's have
> 130mm
> spacing....Classic content: was this done on any
> other makes and
> models,and if so why?I've always associated the
> 130mm spacing with the
> advent of 8 speed freewheels/cassettes,which I
> thought to be late 80's
> at the earliest...Yours truly,Martin Walsh in
> Vienna,VA
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