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Date: Tue, 14 Aug 2001 07:49:56 EDT
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Keith Kessel wrote: > > I have 2 questions for my restoration. (1975 Grandis Special Gran Prix.) > #1 The orig wheels are Camp record HF 36 hole cross 3 into a Fiamme yellow > label rim. Is there any way to get these looking really spiffy without > disasembling them with a full rebuild? The wheels are straight and true and > I hate to unbuild them. On the other hand, I'm probably too heavy to ride > them now except short rides on the flats. They are period correct however > for a restoration. >> Those wheels are not strong enough for you, have very little classic value, and can never be made to look new, and you should trade them to someone like me for something better.

If you are still stubborn and won't sell them to me, there are a few redeeeming points.

First, the Fiamme yellows have a bad memory. You crash them, and they forgive and forget quickly, they don't seem to remember the accident and can get back up and go with minor tweaking. We have used them in tandem races. With a non-abusive rider, even at 200#plus, there should be enough strength to outlast many of the later wire-on rims that are up to twice the weight of the yellow. While they may not be able to look new again, a polishing cloth and some Mother's mag paste on the rim and hub, and a brass brush or scotchbrite pad on the spokes will make me want them even more.

good luck with my favorite all-time rim. sigh

Larry Black