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Date: Wed, 15 Aug 2001 22:14:09 -0400

If you decide not to rebuild them and want to clean them up here is the method I use. I take apart the axle and the bearings and give them a good cleaning in solvent. Then I take 3M Imperial Microfinishing Compound-Liquid (part #051131-06011) to the hubs, internal races and rims. I use a Dremell Tool with a flex shaft and a soft stitched muslin wheel. The mirofinishing compound will bring back the original luster. I just work the hand piece in-between the spokes to clean the hub. The 3M stuff also cleans up the paint (which is what it is made for). I also used it to clean up brakes and other parts. I am working on a web page to show the results, but it will be a few weeks until I can get it up.
Kevin Jordan
Scio, Ohio

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From: Keith Kessel
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Subject: [CR]classic tubular wheels

> I have 2 questions for my restoration. (1975 Grandis Special Gran Prix.)
> #1 The orig wheels are Camp record HF 36 hole cross 3 into a Fiamme yellow
> label rim. Is there any way to get these looking really spiffy without
> disasembling them with a full rebuild? The wheels are straight and true and
> I hate to unbuild them. On the other hand, I'm probably too heavy to ride
> them now except short rides on the flats. They are period correct however
> for a restoration.
> #2 I have another wheelset that is sweet. Camp record LF 32 hole into Arc
> en Ciel rims cross 3 prob stainless spokes. The question is.....would that
> rim have been available in 1975? These wheels are really clean and don't
> need major cleaning....thus they are on the classic for now.
> By the way...I have another set of wheels that are Hi E large flange rear
> with low front laced to Fiamme yellow label rims in great cond. These are
> definitely vintage but lack the front tightening lever on the front
> skewer.(no quick release design) I think these are 36 spoke possibly cross
> 4 pattern. I might be willing to trade these fine wheels for a Campy set
> with Fiamme Red label rims.
> Any bites? any advise on vintage rims appreciated, but would like to go
> with Fiamme Reds. I weigh too much for the yellow ones until I get back into
> it and lose some weight! Thanks, Keith