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From: "Roy H. Drinkwater" <>
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Subject: RE: [CR]Good News for a CR Lister
Date: Wed, 15 Aug 2001 22:20:11 -0700
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Douglas Brooks wrote:
> ---NOW, for some classic bike content:
> Hanging in Mike's shop, Bicycle Specialities in Toronto is
> Micheal's first road bike. It is a Mariposa, made for him
> when he was just a boy, 7 or 8, and one CLASSIC road bike (albeit
> one that appears to have been shrunk in the dryer!!)
> As I recall this little beauty has really
> SHORT TA cranks and classic Campy parts.
> Perhaps Mike will share with us some of the things he did to make
> a bike this small and get it all to work. Michael raced this bike
> and it is a wonder of detail that would make all of smile who
> love classic bikes. I hope he tells us more when he returns from
> Colorado (where I believe he visited with esteemed Bicycle Classics Nabob
> Mike Kone...more pseudo-bike content...)
> hoping the Truly Esteemed List Mentor/Owner/Mahatma Dale
> is not angry with this violation of protocals,

I wouldn't think he'd be angry, because I remember looking in the window of Cycles de Oro this May at the Saturday ride and seeing a similar "Dale Brown" bike! Very nice workmanship. Larry Black has displayed some junior bikes too.

Roy "starting to get interested in highwheelers" Drinkwater stuck in New Jersey again...