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Date: Fri, 17 Aug 2001 10:13:03 EDT
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<< Allins of Croydon was (is?) a specialty shop in suburban London. The frame was made in-house an is not a Cooper. >>

Todd Thanks for the info. Its a neat bike. Last night I tore it down, and for those interested, noted the following:

- the bb is pinned: both stays, seat tube, and down tube. Mitering is spot on at the bb, and good brass penetration. - the inner tubes were sprayed with some sort of rustproofing, kind of white. No rust inside at all. I framesavered it anyway. -the head tube does not have any holes in it drilled where it meets the downtube and top tube -the chainstays, seat stays and fork have the vent holes brazed and filled -the rear spacing measures at 122 -it came with 27 inch wheels (SR hubs with 36 cross four Alpinas and Wolber Super Champion 58 rims), but the brakes can be adjusted to fit 700c wheels -the seat lug is a solid, looks cast piece, with threading in the left ear for a stainless bolt to locate the seatpost -h20 bosses on the downtube, on top and underneath, but none on the seat tube - a cute piece of wire metal fashioned to be a chainhanger on the right chainstay. -very nice file work all around - a cool brass headbadge with address of the shop -nicely filed dropouts -braze on left fork for a lamp or generator, anybody know what type was commonly used? -nicely reamed and finished inside seat tube

I know, I know, get pics. After I clean it up and build it this weekend, I will shoot some photos. Didn't want to post them with the bike all dusty and stuff.

Mark Rosenberg Early in San Diego after staying up very late last night inspecting my new bike inside and out