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Date: Fri, 17 Aug 2001 20:02:41 -0700

Colnago made them for Beppe...
MG in CA

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From: Steven m Johnson
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Subject: [CR]Saronni

> A local bike shop has a Saronni bicycle that I would like to buy, in
> rougher shape that this frame:
> It is in pretty rough shape, and dirty, but is all there and not bent. It
> has the Columbus tubing with the ridges, Ofmega parts, sew-ups and looks
> about an '82 to me. Frame is lugged, and dropouts have no name that I
> could see.
> Anyone remember these? I am still going through my old "Bicycling"
> magazines to find an ad or review.
> Steven M. Johnson, Chesapeake, VA