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Date: Mon, 20 Aug 2001 19:44:30 -0400
To: Jamie Swan <>
From: "David Perry" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Corky derny
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Jamie: The Kissena cycling club recently got an old motor pacing derny from someone's storage that sounds like the one you describe. It has a rather bizarre mix of parts including modified cruiser frame, moped front wheel, mountain bike rear wheel with cogs on both sides, one-piece cranks, huge fixed gear pedaling, Honda 50cc engine, low riding exhaust pipe. Weighs a ton. They asked me to look into fixing it. Before I'd seen it, I thought, what a dream... then I saw it and said, what a nightmare... who could have cobbled this together? They're keeping it in the Kissena track's storage container. There was a beautiful black Drysdale track bike at Larz Anderson... Dave Perry
>Another interesting note on Corky Guilbransen: In the 60's Corky built a
>motor pacing derny to train his son Harold Jr. and his training partner
>Marc Lobit. The derny was built from an old Schwinn balloon tire frame
>and fork, and the wheels and motor from a 50 cc Honda motorcycle. Today
>the machine is in a friend of mine's basement. Sometimes I think about
>resurrecting it....I'm sorry that I missed everyone yesterday at Larz
>Andersen; I didn't have enough stuff to make it worth the trip. I did
>the century (solo) on the "Tour of the Hamptons" instead. It was hot.
>Jamie Swan