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Subject: Re: [CR]Re:Framesaving gunk?
Date: Tue, 21 Aug 2001 09:19:52 -0700

Douglas, Care to elaborate on the toxicity of framesaver? Thanks Tom R

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> FrameSavingBOBs,
> I'm going to go out on a limb here...
> I don't leave my bikes out in the rain and while I ride in
> the rain, it is with fenders and I get to bring the bike into
> the dry and wipe it off before I go inside. Now
> I think that with a proper fendered bike in rainy weather zones
> FrameSaver, etc, is not worth the toxicity
> and the mess. FrameSaver proper is VERY nasty stuff, very toxic.
> I think it's not good to be around. Other stuff may be less yucky
> but dang if it isn't messy too. I can tell you that Jim Cunningham
> doesn't use it and that other masterbuilders have told me the same
> thing, that it's not critical.
> I have several 25+ year old bikes, none are rusted, none from
> the inside out. ALL have seen crappy weather and bad days.
> So, my two cents is that I was on this wagon and now am
> happy to be off: experience suggests that the problem is not
> a problem for me and that the costs, environmentally (to MY environment)
> are not ones I want to accept.
> rust never sleeps, etc., but methinks this is
> not the issue some think it is, but of course you may
> have a very different experience and have bikes in MUCH wetter
> climes without being able to wipe them down, so to each his/her own,
> Douglas Brooks
> Canandaigua, NY
> > Warren:
> >
> > Framesaver. Nothing else comes close as far as tenaciousness......
> >
> > (I suspect that it's repackaged Waxoyl.....)
> >
> > Chris Beyer
> > Bloomfield, NJ
> >
> > Warren Young wrote:
> >
> > > Whatt are you folks using to coat the inside of your frames? Motor
> > > oil...white grease...crisco? What's your favourite procedure?
> > >
> > > TIA
> > >
> > > Warren Young