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Date: Wed, 22 Aug 2001 21:35:28 EDT
Subject: Re: [CR]Larz....

Turkeys !!??

The Sunday Larz show was a great event with good weather (a little hot at times) and a big turnout. The place was overflowing with all types of interesting stuff. There were many more vendors this year, and even spilled over into the field below. It was wonderful to see Sam Fitzsimmons who is looking well and much recovered. Peter Naiman did a wonderful job - as usual. Thanks, Peter.

We were lucky enough to come home with a few treasures, though we had to leave many behind, as the funding ran out !! The prize of the day may have been a complete pre-war RRA in very nice shape. A few incorrect components, but easily fixed. Also found a 1938 Boogman frame, a bare Drysdale frame, an 1898 G&J Rambler. I was especially happy to find some very nice bicycle posters at a most reasonable price - and already tastefully matted at that. Then there were sacks and sacks of goodies - just perfect for all the projects in progress.

Speaking of Sachs - we missed you e-Richie! There were some lovely bicycles on display, though there was room for many more, as the concours turnout wasn't as great as last year. I am guilty, as I had thought to bring a few of my 6-day bikes to show, but didn't want to take up the room in the car.

A few of the bikes seen: a Bianchi Paris Roubaix, a pre-war Drysdale track, Repco track, various Raleighs - especially a very beautifully restored Raleigh Competition. Ken Denny had brought two especially lovely bicycles. A pre-war Gloria with the most amazing quality workmanship, and a pristine aluminum Caminargent with the earliest Stronglight cranks anyone's ever seen.

So as I now sort though all the loot, with visions of new projects and completion of old ones, I decide to ride a new bicycle in the morning on the bike trail just to see how it feels. And so it will go until the next show. Maybe I will even see a turkey or two....

Amanda Graham
Copake NY