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Date: Fri, 24 Aug 2001 08:30:30 +0100
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Subject: Re:[CR]eBay strategy - auction timing rules of thumb

Hello Sheldon,

The following are some loose observations on ebay auction activity, based on my 3+ years of bidding on ebay. I am generally a last minute "sniper" bidder who most other bidders don't see coming until the auction is already over. I often notice that auctions get last minute bids like mine that increase bid prices 30% or more on the day an auction closes, particularly on weekends.

Avoid listing in daytime hours because auction bidders at work may not have the time or access for Internet auctions. Late night evening auctions lose bidders whi want to be awake and available to see the auction unfold before them. I personally prefer the 9-10PM EST time for bidding.

The best time of the week (and one I avoid because the auction prices are higher) are Friday evenings between 9:00PM EST to 11:00PM. Fridays are before weekend rides, while cash is still in the wallet, and enthusiasm for the weekend is still fresh. Saturdays are also good, but not as active as Fridays. The slowest times of the week seem to be on Thursday and Sunday evenings. These are times I like bidding for lower priced auctions.

The date between now and the end of September is a good selling time for overseas ebay sales (particularly Japan). However, US domestic auction sales cool off until immeduately after Thanksgiving when Christmas fever takes off. This continues through December and drops off again between January and March.

Please note! I have seen several times that when a large vintage bike show occurs on the same weekend as a vintage bike or parts auction, the bidding drops off markedly!

I hope this helps! ( or maybe not for bidders like me! <GRIN>)

Regards, Steve aka Questor1

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I'm going to be offering a bike on eBay for a customer (this is a new experiment for me!)

This particular bike is one that is most likely to be of interest to a Japanese collector, and I'm wondering if anybody has advice about what time of day/day of week would be good to have the auction end...?

Thanks in advance,

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