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Date: Fri, 24 Aug 2001 21:40:39 -0700
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Subject: Re: [CR]50's Paramount Frame Question
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The Tourist was a standard version of the Paramount from the start. In the 1938 or so catalog I have it shows the Sports-Tourist having the same frame materials and construction as the racer but a longer wheelbase and fender mounts mid fork in the British style. Schwinn made a number of different higher quality hubs before the 1950's and didn't seem interested in offering a Sturmey Archer until later.

All in all I don't think the Paramount or Superior tourists were a response to British bikes but instead were a natural outgrowth of lightweights Schwinn had offered since the turn of the century. Of course the catalog makes many references to "latest continental design".

Joe Bender-Zanoni

At 05:16 PM 8/24/01 -0700, Art Smith wrote:
>I have a mid-fifties Paramount Tourist. I understand that the Tourist was Schwinn's response to the English roadster and that it was a special order deal, most often built up with S/A 3 speed hub, fenders, mattress saddle, etc. My question is this: Is the Tourist frame the same frame ( geometry, material, etc) as the road frame of that period, or is it a different styled frame entirely? This frame has Paramount in script lettering on the downtube. Anyone every see decals in this style? Thanks
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