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From: "John Dunn" <>
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Date: Sat, 25 Aug 2001 17:55:01 -0700

This sounds very much like the "if it saves only one life" philosophy. One either thinks that way or not.

John Dunn in Boise
>Subject: [CR]Fwd: Frame preservation from Peter Weigle...
>Date: Sat, 25 Aug 2001 00:46:27 EDT
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> writes:
> Dale, I'm not easy having this conversation through the keyboard but
>'haven't been able to hook up w/ you to have a more personal chat and
>my position. I hope this is not taken the wrong way or as a negative but an
>observation of some of the views expressed on C.R. regarding the issue;to
>treat a frame internally or not.
> I didn't think the preservation of steel frames would be looked at as a
>bad or a suspect thing. Frame Saver came about out of frustration. I was
>seeing a lot of frames that came into my shop with internal rust problems,
>rust dust and flakes in the bb. festering rust at vent holes, and musical
>seat stays and fork blades. In talking with other builders, painters, and
>tech writers like Jim Langley at BICYCLING, Alan Cote' At BICYCLE GUIDE I
>knew I wasn't alone. I felt something needed to be done.
> The process of treating is cheap and easy. It can do a frame no harm,
>good. Its very satisfying to know you've done the right thing for your
>instead of playing russian roulette with its future. .
> I've subscribed to Wooden Boat for years now, and have two older boats
>that I care for. The thinking in W.B. circles is that WHILE YOU HAVE ONE OF
>is to give it all the care you can and pass it on to the next generation in
>the best condition possible! This is an honorable position to take and one
>classic bike folks should adopt if we haven't already. Preservation and
>collecting should go hand in hand.
> I'll be the first to admit that not all frames will rust out from the
>inside, but why would anyone want to take the chance? Adding an application
>of F. S. ( or whatever you feel is best) is so easy it would seem like a no
>brainer, like an aspirin a day to prevent heart problems. To think its
>unimportant or not necessary baffles me.
> People look to us people for guidance and I feel we need to encourage
>them to do as much as they can to care for these frames, sending a mixed
>signal isn't' good enough.If we look at this from the preservationists
>of view every one of these frames should be treated. The writer who said
>they'd only seen 5 frames rust through sounded like it was no big deal, but
>what if the 5 included Douglas R. Rooke's Sachs, Allan Schaeffers Hetchins,
>my '38 Urago, Jeff Groman's early Paramount, or one of your favorites.
>be a real shame if the product was available and for what ever reason we
>choose not to use it................Some custodians we turned out to be.
> Its been said that F.S. is the same as, Boeshield, LPS3, WD40, Wax-Oyl
>(what ever that is). ITS NOT! Frame Saver was developed for me by a lab
>makes formulations for industry and the military. If one were to spray each
>one of these out on a surface they could see for themselves that they don't
>look, smell, or run the same,(Brian B. says they don't even taste the
>and yet supposed to be the same as each of these different appearing
>formulations?????One doesn't need to be a chemist to see they're not the
>same, any one of them.
> The toxicity issue, WD40 contains petroleum distillates, motor oil
>a skin cancer warning, paint remover bought at True Value hardware to strip
>the dresser has cancer, poisonous warnings, oven cleaner is awful
>stuff......but we use them all........ with caution! They over state the
>warnings to scare the hell out of us so we'll be careful with the
>F.S. is no different.
> I'm sure I sound overly defensive here, but being in the frame
>repairing and repainting business for 28 years I've seen many problems that
>could have been avoided with proper care. I can't believe the to do or not
>do issue is debated at all. If we view this as preservationists first,
>collectors second, there is only one answer.
> Peter Weigle
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