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From: "Tony Zanussi" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Vintage Bike Sightings
Date: Mon, 27 Aug 2001 00:11:21 -0400

Vintage Bike Sightings

<I found a fellow riding a De Rosa and we rode along at a 15 mph clip for a while chatting about Italian steel, I was on my Rauler. Next came up a chap that was close to 60 on a beautiful Tommasini with chrome head lugs, fork legs and stays. Also in the heard were two Eddy Merckx, a Marinoni, a Franklin, and two Bottechia’s. At the 60-mile mark in Burkes Garden at the old General store the folks there had set up a small food operation.>

Sounds like a great ride you had! I would have loved to be there on my Merckx Extra Corsa and Super Record. I have never been on a ride with any decent amount of classics, but that sounds awesome.

<I decided to load up and ordered their Fried Green Tomato open face sandwich with all the trimmings, too good for words.>

Excellent choice! Very few know about the southern tradition of fried green tomatoes!

<One question I do have that maybe someone here could answer is the fellow on the Marinoni had some rust on the forward brake cable guide.>

I always take my bikes apart every 3-4 months and apply a good coat of paste wax and then wipe down. I believe in re-building my bikes to make sure all the parts are adjusted correctly. Yes I am anal about it. Never had a speck of rust doing so!

Tony Zanussi