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Subject: [CR]Re: Quality of bikes (was Masi vs Waterford)

Dale, Thanks for your thoughts. Totally agree with your take on Waterford vs custom particularly the 22 series frames. The 11s are a bit better value - given lower price of 531 frames the compromise in fit and finish is a bit more acceptable. The original question was Waterford - whichever model you care vs 25 year old + Masi - whichever model. Hoping to stimulate some list conversation about value of old and new and what part the actual physical characteristics of ride, fit, finish and materials play vis a vis the more esoteric "soft" attributes of history, reputation, "cant get anymore"stuff.

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Subject: Quality of bikes (was Masi vs Waterford)

> I have thought about all this quite a bit as a retailer, builder
> (occasionally) and a appreciator of vintage bikes. Serotta and Waterford
> make very very nice bicycles. CoMotion, Davidson, and maybe some others can
> be added to this category, in that they are semi-production handmades. I
> sell Waterford now in cycles de ORO and have sold most of the others. They
> are more custom than an Italian bike but certainly not true custom. A true
> custom would be made one at a time, specifically for one person with all the
> possible variables .
> I think the problem (not much though) I have with these semi customs is that
> you can buy a truly custom frame from a number of sources for the same bucks.
> And have all the benefits therein. AND have a frame in which, for instance,
> all the seams and casting ridges are filed, the top tube length, frame
> angles, tubing gauges and diameters are all unique to your needs... And you
> can often meet and talk to the actual guy who does all the work..
> I guess it is a lot more work to find a builder.. figure out what you want
> and then wait for it to be made.. But the return benefit is that you have a
> bike that not only fits you and rides the way you want to ride, but you have
> a piece of craftwork that is above the ordinary...
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