Re: [CR]stuck handlebar stem

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Date: Wed, 29 Aug 2001 08:50:08 EDT
Subject: Re: [CR]stuck handlebar stem

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<< I've soaked the space between headset and stem with liquid wrench but how to turn the bars without torqueing the fork? >>

I'll give a shot at this as it comes up once or twice a year in the shop. You need: - a substantial vice mounted securely on - a substantial work bench - a two by 4 at least 5-6' long - a big supply of rags - help mate or two...

Remove everything you can from the frame and fork maybe leave cranks & bb in but as much as possible.

Turn the frame upside down and insert the stem, (h. bars removed) in the vise with the vise jaws heavily pad so that it won't mar the stem (!) The fork blades should be pointing up.

Insert the 2 x 4 between the fork blades as far as it will go up towards the crown.

Now it is a slow process of twisting, using the huge mechanical advantage of the two x four, and pulling upwards with the frame and fork to pull out the stuck stem. Care has to be taken that the fork blades are not twisted instead, and that nothing gets "chewed" in the process.

If this doesn't work, you are in BIG trouble! I have had to cut off the stem even with the top of the headset and then section the internal stem remnants out with a hack saw blade to remove it in pieces... That is a hateful job that takes forever and I won't do again unless absolutely desperate!

I have heard every kind of external treatment to free these parts.. Liquid Wrench, heat and cold, soaking in Ammonia.... None of those methods really seem to work reliably!

Good luck!

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