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Date: Wed, 29 Aug 2001 05:58:26 -0700

Another useful solvent that will break some things loose is Coca Cola Classic. Not Diet Coke, not Pepsi, Coke Classic. Supposedly it has acids in it that dissolve rust. It's worked for me--although maybe after liquid wrench and other things have loosened something up. David Feldman

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> Forget the liquid wrench and WD40. Soak it well w/ TriFlo. It penetrates
> faster and deeper. This works 95% of the time for me but when it fails, blow
> torch heat applied to the overlap(don't over do it) can break a rust weld.
> I've never had to do this with an aluminum stem though....I dont know what
> the risks are in that case.
> Calvert Guthrie
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> > Sorry to plead but I'm at a loss as to what action to take to free
> > these babies. I've soaked the space between headset and stem with liquid
> > wrench but how to turn the bars without torqueing the fork?
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> > Scott "stuck bars in my head tube" Smith
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