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Are you aware of the history of Waterford?

Waterford WAS the Schwinn Paramount factory for many, many years. When Schwinn went bankrupt (the first time) and was sold to Scott/Zell-Chilmark, Richard Schwinn (the only member of the family still into bikes) and Marc Muller bought the Paramount factory back from the new owners.

Since Schwinn and Paramount were trademarks that now belonged to outside investors, Richard and Marc had to change the name. The factory was in Waterford, Wisconsin ... hence Waterford Precision Cycles.

The 1970s Paramounts (and most especially the 1988 50th Anniversay Paramounts) were built by Marc Muller's group in Waterford. They were forced into a name change, but the history is there.

Anything called a Schwinn Paramount circa post-1994 is not really a Paramount.

The current Waterfords are the only true Paramounts being made ... even if they do have a different name.

For more, check WPC's website at:

Pay special attention to:

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> Ooooh! This is such an easy question (s). If I were an auto collector
>and had a 1946 Plymouth, I would have a great automobile. True?
>since the acquisition of Plymouth by Chrysler and then a conglomeration of
>Chrysler, Plymouth, Dodge, Jeep, Eagle, and AMC I would say that there isn't
>a Plymouth today that has that same mystique or 'history.' I mean, would
>you consider my Plymouth Breeze a car that offers 'history' as part of the
>purchase? O.K. I guess if you count the Prowler you may have an arguement
>but that is not a car for the averagage man/person. I equal this to
>Waterford. Changing the name and producing high quality bike frames isn't
>history. Mercedes has changed year after year with innovation after
>innovation, yet they still have true and well established history.
   They are
>still sought after as the/a car to have.
> When collecting or buying for value, history, or a simple investment...
>Masi comes to mind. I am sorry, as I don't want to offend a Waterford
>owner, but Waterford AINT no Masi when it comes to this regard.
> Kevin Weitzel
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