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From: "Mark Poore" <>
Subject: RE: [CR]RE: Masi vs. Waterford
Date: Thu, 30 Aug 2001 07:31:57 -0400



If you are looking at race history and in particular Italian bikes you have failed to mention Colnago in your short list, but I am sure the list was not in it’s entirety. Although Colnago doesn’t have the race history that goes back too many generations they have acquired a reputation in the last twenty-five years in the peleton that is second to none.

As far as race history and Schwinn is concerned look back as far as the 6-day bike races and you will see the name Schwinn. When I started racing in 1961 Schwinn Paramount was THE track bike of choice for many of this countries top riders and National Champions. To name just a few: Jack Disney, Jackie Simes, Allen Greco (his daughter Jessica did some interviews during the Tour de France and at the last Olympics and also was many time National and World Sprint Champion), Jim Rossi, John Chapman, Peter Senia and me LOL. The list could go on if my memory was any better. One has to remember the costs for a European to purchase an American bike is much more than it would have been and would be to buy a European frame or bike. This along with the fact that no American frame builders or bike manufactures sponsored teams in Europe until recent years that I know of. So many of the frame builders here in this country will only see some successful national caliber racers on their product. Just a couple of builders that come to mind that have seen top National riders on their frames are Gilmour, Sachs and Serotta.

With that being said, load my plate up with pasta so I have the fuel in the tank to take my Italian Rauler out for a 100.

Mark, I think I have marinara sauce in my veins, Poore