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Subject: Was: [CR]RE: Masi vs. Waterford - now trolling for francophiles
Date: Thu, 30 Aug 2001 08:18:35 US/Eastern

Kevin's evident distaste for French bicycles should be well-known by most listmembers at this point. I have been reluctant to rise to the trolling that he has recently added to his posts but am more than a little tired of seeing his sentiment repeatedly expressed. While perhaps meant in jest, a statement welcoming a crash by those riding French bikes is mean spirited. We have quite a few listmembers that ride French bikes and I can't think of any of them that I would wish to experience a crash. Even if they don't have all of their wills bequeathing their vintage French, Italian, English, Spanish, Japanese, American, etc. bicycles to me.

Charlie Young Honeybrook, PA

> Congratulations Tom,
> Your reply was by far, the best email lashing I received to date. I
> think you feel that I am arguing a point about one vs. another... to the
> contrary, I was merely answering the original question of Masi vs.
> Waterford. There wasn't much other information to go by. I also must point
> out that out of the 39 bicycles that I have owned (still have 18), 36 had
> what I feel is "racing history." I have always been a fan of bicycles that
> the pros ride... in the Tour that is. Schwinn, although a very respectable
> history, was never in the limelight as far as the Tour goes as long as I
> have been interested in cycling (Since 1978). Therefore, my obvious bias is
> that of the Italian monikers. Masi, Bottecchia, Guerciotti, Scapin, Ciocc,
> Gotti, Casati, etc. Schwinn and/or Waterford just doesn't give me that warm
> gushy feeling... never has.
> I agree with you about the Chrysler PT Cruiser, but keep in mind that
> the PT was designed and engineered by Diamler Group for a Neon chassy, not
> by Chrysler. Henseforth, German engineering still has something to brag
> about. To reply to your comment on Mercedes having "amazing technical
> advances", you are right. Obviously I love Masi for an entirely different
> reason, history. If you want technical advances, you may want to try Trek
> or Klein or Kestrel. BUT, if you like quality craftmanship, race history,
> company and brand mystique, great ride, and good quality steel, then stick
> with a classic... Masi. I still don't understand why your response seemed
> so hostile. Masi's are great bikes. Count how many messages have the word
> Masi in them on this list and then reflect on your viewpoint.
> I have a tendency of being misunderstood in my opinion. People must
> take me as hostile. I am not. I just have engrained opinion. Good luck to
> you and please keep the rubber side down... unless the bike you ride is a
> French bike, then please crash it as quickly as you can.



> Kevin Weitzel