[CR]E-mail misunderstandings; was Masi vs. Waterford

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Date: Thu, 30 Aug 2001 08:51:07 EDT
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Subject: [CR]E-mail misunderstandings; was Masi vs. Waterford

In a message dated 8/30/01 1:29:45 AM Eastern Daylight Time, kevinsbikes@netzero.net writes:

<< I have a tendency of being misunderstood in my opinion. People must take me as hostile. I am not. I just have engrained opinion. >>

I think this is so true for most of us! That's why I caution CR members (and I hasten to add that we are doing great right now!) to be extremely careful in their choice of wordings in CR postings. It takes next-to-nothing to get a huge negative reaction to an innocent message! Attempts at humor are often the misunderstood spark to an unpleasant exchange...also dangerous are those speedily sent posts in which the writer does not fully anticipate the impact of her/his message.

All these are good lessons to ponder, no?

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