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Kevin I am very sorry you perceived my last as a tongue lashing or hostile. I can assure you there was no such emotion in me as I wrote to you. There is another subject not relevant to the list that probably explains what I thought I was doing and how you perceived it that I have an ongoing interest in. We could explore that off list if you have any interest. Thanks for your time and input - really just wanted to stimulate a conversation and dialogue about why we value what we do. Think our exchange spoke to that.

Cheers Tom Rawson Oakland, CA ----- Original Message ----- From: kevin weitzel To: Thomas Rawson Cc: Sent: Wednesday, August 29, 2001 10:26 PM Subject: RE: [CR]RE: Masi vs. Waterford

Congratulations Tom,

Your reply was by far, the best email lashing I received to date. I think you feel that I am arguing a point about one vs. another... to the contrary, I was merely answering the original question of Masi vs. Waterford. There wasn't much other information to go by. I also must point out that out of the 39 bicycles that I have owned (still have 18), 36 had what I feel is "racing history." I have always been a fan of bicycles that the pros ride... in the Tour that is. Schwinn, although a very respectable history, was never in the limelight as far as the Tour goes as long as I have been interested in cycling (Since 1978). Therefore, my obvious bias is that of the Italian monikers. Masi, Bottecchia, Guerciotti, Scapin, Ciocc, Gotti, Casati, etc. Schwinn and/or Waterford just doesn't give me that warm gushy feeling... never has. I agree with you about the Chrysler PT Cruiser, but keep in mind that the PT was designed and engineered by Diamler Group for a Neon chassy, not by Chrysler. Henseforth, German engineering still has something to brag about. To reply to your comment on Mercedes having "amazing technical advances", you are right. Obviously I love Masi for an entirely different reason, history. If you want technical advances, you may want to try Trek or Klein or Kestrel. BUT, if you like quality craftmanship, race history, company and brand mystique, great ride, and good quality steel, then stick with a classic... Masi. I still don't understand why your response seemed so hostile. Masi's are great bikes. Count how many messages have the word Masi in them on this list and then reflect on your viewpoint. I have a tendency of being misunderstood in my opinion. People must take me as hostile. I am not. I just have engrained opinion. Good luck to you and please keep the rubber side down... unless the bike you ride is a French bike, then please crash it as quickly as you can.

Kevin Weitzel