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Hello Ed, Absolutely nothing. I just know that it thouroughly bothers Jerry Moos. lol I do truly have a preference for Italian steel and Campagnolo, feeling that it is superior to it's european brethren. I havn't really ever gotten a warm fuzzy feeling about any French bike with one exception. A 1987-8 Vitus Carbone with a full Mavic SC group. oooooooo. That was one sweet French bike. Otherwise, I could live without them. No real reason, just that they lack the "sexiness" of a race bred, Italian bicycle. Can anyone argue that point... I think not. Keep in mind that all of my experience was from 1980 to date and durring that time, Italian steel and Campy was the thing to have. I hope my poking fun hasn't offended you. Have a great day.

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Kevin: What is it about French bikes that you dislike so intensly? I have
    two Peugeots a 68 P 4 and an 84 somthing that I'am not really sure what it
    is,maybe someday I can get you guys to help me nail down the model,also a 72
    Gitane Grand sport. Nothing wrong with any of them as far as I can tell,but
    then again I also have a 70 Lambert ,death fork and all which I also enjoy
    riding. I guess I just never met a bike that I didn't like, but I really
    would like to know what turns you off so completely to the French. Best
    regards, Ed Landreth