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Date: Thu, 30 Aug 2001 19:50:47 -0400

Well, I've been quiet for a long time now, just moved, new house, etc but am ready to start contributing and asking questions again.

On this subject, this past winter at the bike show and swap in Monson MA was a Team Raleigh cyclo-cross bike for sale. I spoke to the owner who told me they were never officially imported into the US as cyclo cross wasn't too popular here back then. Even so, evidently some found there way here. This bike had been robbed of all it's original componenets and he was unsure of exactly what would have been original. The frame was the red, black, yellow team paint job just like the early Team road frames that were available to the public in the late 1970's. Same lugs as a Team road (prugnat?) but there were braze-ons for canti's and the wheelbase was huge. At first I thought it was a Team road bike and was extremely excited (I'm still looking, 56cm would be perfect - anybody?) but then noticed the brakes, then the long wheelbase and was resigned to just inquring about it. He wanted $400. Wish I had taken his name and number. I'll be at the show this winter again and if it pops up (how likely is that?) I'll take jpegs and get all the pertinent info.

Hope that helps a tiny bit.

Eric "rode my PX-10 today - one of my 5 French bikes - and didn't crash; despite the wish of another list member" Elman Somers, CT

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> > Has anyone seen one of the raleigh cyclocross bikes from around 82. I'm
> > looking for one especially now that the season is about here. Saw one last
> > year in the red/yellow/black team colours and would like to get a hold of
> >
> Have never seen one myself, but you've made me curious.
> What would this look like, a team bike with canti brakes?
> Was there anything else unique about it to help ID one?
> Can never tell what shows up at the Trexlertown flea market.
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