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Subject: Re: [CR]raleigh cyclocross frame
Date: Thu, 30 Aug 2001 21:22:31 -0400

When the Huffy/Raleigh warehouse was in Dayton, Ohio, (early 1980s) a couple dozen red/black/yellow Raleigh "Team" cyclocross framesets arrived from the U.S. based Raleigh team (remember T.I Raleigh - Kretschmer's, and the Skunk River Team?).

The framesets were mostly NOS, but the steering tube on each one had been cut several mm too short - on some you could use a Campy track headset, or a Super Record without any spacers. There wasn't enough steering tube for a front cable stop, so you had to drill through the stem and end the housing there.

The frames were considered "damaged goods", and had been sent to the Dayton warehouse for destruction, but several of my teammates at the Dayton Cycling Club/Huffy/Raleigh obtained them to use for a season or two.

Mike Melton was still selling the last few as late as 1992 for around $70 each. By 1993 they finally were all gone.

The frameset was light, but not as light as an Alan Super. It was also prone to breakage at the downtube-bottom bracket join.

Aldo Ross
Thunder 'n Lightening over
Monroe, Ohio