Re: [CR]Fw: phantom frame builder J.P. Weigle who broke the law & didn't sign his name

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Subject: Re: [CR]Fw: phantom frame builder J.P. Weigle who broke the law & didn't sign his name
Date: Thu, 30 Aug 2001 22:37:56 -0400

Welcome to the list. Peter! From Richard Rose in Toledo, Ohio - where I ride every Saturday morning with your friend John Drake, but not this Saturday because we are doing the Hudson 100 on Sunday - put together by John. We are called the "Plus 5" group. John has his own reasons for that particular moniker, but I think it really is because most of us are at least 5 years older than we feel, or claim to be. Weather looks perfect for Sunday. Richard Rose (University of Toledo just "spanked" the Golden Gophers)

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Subject: [CR]Fw: phantom frame builder J.P. Weigle who broke the law &

didn't sign his name

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Mark, thanks, yes I forgot to sign, this is all new to me.....I sent my first e-mail only two weeks ago and so I struggle along and sometimes miss the details. Takes me a while to grasp new tech. stuff,,,,,, probably why I still use lugs and build in the traditional method.... New is only sometimes better. I joined the list for two reasons I enjoy the classics, repair and repaint them often, last week repainted a 72 Masi GC, and a Witcomb USA track frame I made in '76. This week its an early Raleigh Comp and a 7/11 Team Merckx. I try not to collect but do have a few older frames bikes, '38 Urago/osgear der, duprat cranks, given to me by orig. owner's family, he was a customer/ friend who passed a few years ago. The bike needs a bit of frame repair but is very special to me because of who owned it. John was a cyclotourist, road it through the war, met his wife on it ...... The family has 2 big scrap books w/ pictures of J. and the bike...It will always be John's bike but I plan to ride it and will also encourage Scott Ebersol (a list member) to use it as well, he was a friend and riding partner of John Fletchers. I also have a C.N.C. Special track frame great workmanship, and I ride almost daily a 50sCycles William Orleans (France), whith fenders, racks etc I go to the store and bomb around town on it. The bike was pulled out of the metal heap at a local landfill! It needed a home and found me. Don't know why they're all French but thats the way it is right now... The other reason to join was the amount of misinformation regarding frame care/ to rust proof or not, how to remove frozen parts.. ( I get nervous when folks start talking about 4-5-&6 foot pieces of 2x4) when their around a bicycle... I feel a careful caution is a good thing once in a while. As I said I'll always waste the part before I'll ruin the frame, seems like the only logical choice to me. Didn't mean to ramble ... I will try and remember to sign in the future.. Best... PeterWeigle.................................