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Wasn't there a Bicycling magazine article about that guy, around the time it all happened? Somebody in the Oceanside area had rented a storefront and opened accounts with Ten Speed Drive, Euro Asia, and others, shut the store down and disappeared with unsecured goods, that was the story I remember. David Feldman

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> Mark,
> That story involving James Hoage happened right under my nose in San
> Marcos. There are events associated with James Hoage and his string of
> impersonations that began in Palo Alto, CA before the Tesch events and
> continued until his arrest at Princton. James Hoage actually made his
> application to Princton while serving 1 year in jail for possesion of
> stolen property (they couldn't pin the actual burgulery on him since two
> years had passed before he was caught with the goods) using the alais
> "Alexi Santana". Dave Tesch was convinced that I (give me a break) did
> the burgerly because it happened about two months after I moved to San
> Diego specifically to get away from Dave and his constant state of paint
> emergency. I was his painter at that time, it drove me to leave the
> business; at which time I moved to San Diego to pass my secrets to Joe
> Bell before I found something else to. Once in San Diego, I got
> comfortable again and I ended up working for Bill Holland/Joe Bell for a
> while until I felt I wasn't ready to pack it all in. I owe a debt of
> gratitude to JB for taking me in and showing me that not everyone in the
> bike biz is a physco. Needless to say, I'm still in the game; thanks
> primarily to the incomparable Joe Bell.
> There is a lot more to the sorted tale of James Hoage, but it's way too
> complicated to discuss here. It's not quite as long a story as the Masi
> thing, but certainly a lot stranger.
> Brian Baylis
> La Mesa, CA
> >
> > Did anybody see the article in the current issue of the new yorker about the
> > princeton imposter? The article is called "The Runner" and starts out
> > mentioning the recovery of some bike stuff stolen from Dave Tesch.
> >
> > I'll look for it on the NY website and send the URL along if I can find it.
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