RE: [CR]a travesty?

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From: "Bill Mattinson" <>
To: "Mark Petry" <>, <>
Subject: RE: [CR]a travesty?
Date: Fri, 31 Aug 2001 08:25:12 -0700
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Mark Petry asked: Question for the list - would it be a TRAVESTY, a VIOLATION

...of a vintage bike (not a confente or the like, but a "rider")

To install S&S couplings for travel?

To which I say: If it gets you and the bike together for rides you couldn't have otherwise taken - I say install the couplers and ride the bike.

I had a couple of years where I was on the road a lot for work doing seminars and having my S&S coupled bike (first an XO-1, then a Riv) with me was the one thing that preserved my health and sanity. Plus I got to ride lots of places that I never would have seen otherwise.

And, I still rode those bikes when I got home; the couplers made no difference in the ride as far as I could tell.

Just do it.

my $0.02, Bill Mattinson Sonoma County, CA