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Date: Fri, 31 Aug 2001 11:21:33 -0700

Art was the passenger in the car.

Not sure who the driver was ... but the driver was distracted by the bee and lost control of the car, smashing into a telephone pole or a light fixture or something, crushing the passenger side of the car.

The driver had a broken back. Art suffered a fractured skull and massive head injuries, and died in hospital that evening.

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>Date: 8/31/01 9:37:42 AM
>I used to speed skate, ride and fish with a great guy named Edgar Dame.
>Eddy won several national championships in speed skating in the early
>'50s and continued to be a top class competitor in skating, running and
>cycling. Before Art Longsjo's death he and Eddy were training and racing
>partners. Eddy's wife Ruth told me that before they got married that she
>and Art's girl friend would share motel rooms when the four of them
>would travel to skating races. I can't recall if Peter Nye mentions it
>in Hearts of Lions but Eddy told me the reason that Art crashed his car
>that day was because a bee came in the window and either stung him or
>distracted him. I haven't seen Eddy in a while. Sadly, he is suffering
>from Alzheimer's disease. I'm not sure if he would be able to answer
>questions about Art Longsjo but I would be glad to ask him...When Hearts
>of Lions came out Eddy ran into Peter Nye at the Somerville race. Eddy
>was flattered that Peter recognized him. Peter was selling copies of his
>new book and Eddy bought one. After he read it he loaned it to me. When
>I got it home I noticed that it was inscribed by the author: "To one of
>the all time greats of speed skating and cycling Edgar Dame...". Jamie
>Swan, Northport New York.