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Date: Sat, 1 Sep 2001 12:36:07 +0900
From: "kenji fusejima" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]TA bike to?

It seems that this is the same model as T.A. bag. A difference does not only have the brand name "T.A.". Did La Fuma manufacture the bags of T.A.?<blah>

These are the photocopies of the book "CYCLES de competition et randonneuses" by Daniel Rebour 1976.

Kenji Fusejima Tokyo Japan

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>As a side note, I can't believe that price! Wow! John barron scores again big
>Re: the attachment.. Yes, Mark is correct when he says the straps go around
>the handlebar and the elastic loop catches around the rearmost portion of the
>stem. That was how the bag was designed to be used....
>But in the 1970s, the rack described by Keith Kessel,
><< a wire rack that goes over the stem and butts up against the handlebars>>
>came out to improve that bag mounting. I am pretty sure it was made by Park
>of tool fame. It pushed the bag forward (so "safety levers" could be used!)
>and suspended it. It was a heavy rack though and had no shock cords or
>steadying method to keep it from bouncing around. We used a bungee around the
>head tube below the lower headset race to help with that.....
>Dale Brown
>Greensboro, North Carolina