Re: [CR]Functional clincher tires for classics

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Date: Sat, 1 Sep 2001 21:54:29 -0400
To: classic list <>
From: "Roy H. Drinkwater" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Functional clincher tires for classics

garth libre wrote:
> ... I really would like a light, low rolling resistance tire that
>gets a good number of miles and is somewhat above average in
>puncture suceptability. I see that the industry has put a lot of
>their high end tires in color schemes like green, red, all black or
>grey. I want something with a black tread and brownish sidewall. I
>know Jobst insists on Specialized bald turbos, but they seem heavy,
>even in a 23 mm size. Anyone solved this problem. Oh yes , I believe
>a bicycle tire shouldn't cost as much as an auto tire. Anything up
>to $30 is aceptable but $20 is better.. no?

I've been impressed with the Continental Sport 1000's. Very inexpensive, nice riding,available in 23, 25, & 28 in 700c and 1 1/8 & 1 1/4 in 27"... I like them better than the Avocet FasGrips or the Michelin Axial Sports for econo-tires. There was even a good review in Cycling Plus a few issues back. They're my replacement tire of choice.

Chuck "Oh yes, I almost forgot, can she cook?" Schmidt wrote...
> "I'm looking for someone who would be bright and funny, great in bed, confident in awkward social situations and likes to go watch bike races. Plus I just plain want a hot chick. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks."

Sorry Chuck, I married her ;^) ...she doesn't cook during cycling season!

Roy "make it myself" Drinkwater
Lititz "wash it myself", PA