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<< To expand upon this and other messages about TA bags and mounts.

The big elastic loop was designed (I feel) to loop over the back of the stem. Ancient and modern stems work fine with or without an exposed bolt as the 72-73 angle of classic stems tends to keep the loop taut and secure and with any tension at all on the strap prevents articles and bits from flying out of the top off the bag. The hook on the rear of the bag will secure the top flap down (by elastic loop) when the bag is removed from the bike for transport.

My elastic always slipped on my Cinelli 1A stem.

On a related subject a fellow brought by a 1971-1972 Gitane TDF bike Friday and it had a very nice (really) Pivo stem on this machine that had some heft to it. I had forgotten on this model the quill/extention juncture was oversized and bulged and would secure a TA bag elastic loop very well indeed. I wondered if the design was so intended?

Don't think so. The Pivo is an aluminium copy of a steel stem.

TA bags were the classic even when I started serious cycling as a young teen in the early 1970's. Any fellow with a TA bag (rack or sans rack) was generally known as a fellow who knew the ropes in this bike game and could a patch a sewup on the side of the road if need be. No cell phones in the old days.

Besides the TA support rack, many French small builders made excellent racks to support a TA or similar bag. My Rene Herse was set up for Randonnee's and has a Flashlight mounted to the rack on the right side below bag level and a generator front lamp mounted on the left side with the wires cleverly routed through the rack tubing and hidden under the mudguard. Mike Barry at Bicycle Specialties in Toronto does high quality work of this type as well.

The Touring Cyclist Shop in Boulder, CO used to sell a support that slipped over the stem and the bag strapped to it. Worked very well but the red plastic coating wasn't to all tastes.

Phil Brown
In a hot and humid Southern California