[CR]OT: Fun ride...

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From: <M4Campy@aol.com>
Date: Mon, 3 Sep 2001 00:04:36 EDT
To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
Subject: [CR]OT: Fun ride...

Hi all-

At the risk of going way off topic just wanted to share a little... Got out for a rare ride this am looking to do about 80km and half way thru met up with a young 68 year old riding a brand spanking new Douglas TI. Well, as he wheeled up on me he did a 'big' double-take as he noticed my Holdsworth Path Racer complete with 46x16. Said he couldn't believe he was riding with someone on a Holdsworth more than once:)

We talked for quite awhile spinning an easy pace. He talked about racing in Britain back in the 50's and had a PT of 58:00 in the 25TT and even "lasted" two weeks in the TdF as part of an armed services team of some sort. He metioned something about 6-day racing in Wimberly and his eyes light up while talking of his old Claude Butler and Legnano that are long since gone. Talked about how they would train on fixed pushing big gears and racing in 85" or so...

Not sure if all this is true or not but as we started to kick up the pace I was impressed with this 68 year old dude in swim shorts no less keeping a good pace for the 30k that we rode together.

His name is John Klump... He talked about the Big Wheel in Denver and how he walked in one day only to find Jack giving him a look over like he was familiar. Turns out that they were racing about the same time and were even in a few together!

Anyway, anybody know about British Armed Forces teams in the TdF and if there is any truth to it???

Fun ride anyway. A 68 year old on a new TI and a guy 1/2 his age on a 26 year old bike!

Mike "Wishing I can ride like that at 48" Wilkinson Parker, CO