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ROBINSON, Brian born 03/11/30 in Mirfield, England

(the following is from BBC Sports)

Tours: 7 (1955-62) Finishes: 5 Best finish: 14th, 1956 Stage wins: 2 Shares with Tony Hoar distinction of first Briton to finish Tour, in 1955

Three British riders - including the intriguingly-named Pierre Gachon - made Britain's debut in the 1937 Tour But it was 1955 before anybody tried again, with nine riders led by Robinson who finished 29th that year and 14th in 1956.

By 1957 he was the only Briton on the startline but a year later made an even more significant breakthrough, with Brest in Brittany seeing Britain's first stage win in the great race.

It was a feat he repeated in 1959 between Annecy and Chalon-sur-Saone.

That race which saw a second top 20 finish for being Britain's Tour pioneer, and by the time he left the scene, more riders were crossing the channel to start the race, with a record 11 taking part in 1961.

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