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Date: Wed, 05 Sep 2001 15:12:10 +0100
Subject: Re: [CR] For Sale items 5/9/01
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I thought it would be good to share some more of my recent finds with the list. All items are priced in $. Postage will be extra charged at cost. Enquire for actual cost if you like before deciding. Photograhs can be emailed if required. Also look out for a whole lot of new items posted on Ebay - look under my seller's name Payment can be made in cash with dollars or by money order in Pounds sterling ($1.40 to 1 pound sterling). American Express Travellers cheques are also fine. Regards Hilary Stone

CREAM CELLULOID/PLASTIC ? MUDGUARD set NOS for 26in or 27in wheels. Lovely slight translucent colour. Unbranded but nice fairly narrow (1 5/8in wide) ribbed shape similar to Bluemels lightweight. Complete with seatstay bridge, front mudflap and a set of Bluemels stays $45

STURMEY ARCHER 4-spEED TRIGGER NOS perfect in original wrapper. This is the style with the red lettering that first appeared in the late 50s I think. Perfectly compatible with all Sturmey Archer 4-speed hubs $35

COLORAL BOTTLE CORK with silver aluminium top and two straw holes NOS $15

BAILEYS IMPEX BLACK PUMP c1950s 16 inch made by the Apex Inflator Company in Britain and of a type commonly fitted to better quality British bicycles of all descriptions. The Apex Inflator Company was the main rival to Bluemels. The pump is still in excellent working order and comes complete with a connector for Presta and Woods tyre valves. $30

DUNLOP WHITE INFLATOR 16inch with push-on style connector that screws onto valve and a standard connector. Rare 1950s style. Good working order $30

AIRLITE SMALL FLANGE DOUBLE FIXED HUB NOS 40H complete with both lockrings virtually perfect $60

BAYLISS WILEY SMALL FLANGE FRONT HUB NOS 32H in same style as Airlite with aluminium flanges and steel centre. Perfect $45

Cycling: Land¹s End to John o¹Groats by Alan Ray 1971 155pp The fascinating story of record breaking attempts at this classic distance from 1880 through to the 1960s. Excellent condition complete with perfect dust jacket. A rare book. $30

ZEUS SADDLE with brown suede top NOS perfect $40

MAFAC RACER DURAL FORGE centre-pull callipers. Excellent condition. Complete with correct Mafac brake shoes but pads are worn. Supplied with new straddle wires. $65

TA BOTTOM BRACKET SET English threads with 344 single axle Excellent very lightly used condition $35

The Penguin Book of the Bicycle by Rod Watson and Martin Gray 1978 333pp This very underrated book covers cycle history, the contemporary scene at the end of the 70s (mostly in Britain) and has a superb chapter on the contemporary cycle British cycle industry. This includes interviews with Dave Moulton (before he went to the US), Reynolds, Raleigh ­ this is a long section covering company history, contemporary production and details of the Ti-Raleigh team and their bikes etc. Very good condition, slightly creased rear cover $18

SIMPLEX TOUR DE FRANCE 5-speed 3/32in rear derailleur with plastic pulleys NOS and BOXED complete with lever. This is one of the last Simplex Tour de France rear mechs and is great for a late 50s bike. They offer a better gear change than the Campag Gran Spoert with no overshifting necessary at the lever $105

VITO RED COTTON MUSETTE (with bottle symbols etc) NOS unused lovely 50s/60s period piece $20

BIKE RIDERS AIDS 1976 A couple of very marks on the cover but otherwise perfectly clean inside. Lists all the Campagnolo, Simplex, Huret, Universal and GB equipment and much else, most with delightful line drawings. Holdsworthy were the British Campy importers but also brought in much else besides. Also includes the Holdsworth, Claud Butler and Freddie Grubb frames. A huge quantity of information within its 84 pages. $25

Campagnolo stainless steel outers for handlebar end controls; the perfect piece for finishing off the cabling. $20

European Cycling by Noel Henderson 152pp 1989 This lists and has accounts of the 20 greatest European pro cycling events. It is a great bible and just what you need when you want to check on who won the Tour in 1954. Paperback, excellent condition $20